What You Need to Know About Implanted Retained Dentures

Implant-retained dentures in Sioux Falls, SD, replace natural teeth that you have lost to dental disease or trauma. The dentures remain in your mouth permanently and function just as your natural teeth do. If you choose implant-retained dentures, you can expect to enjoy several benefits, such as an improved smile, better chewing ability, and clearer speech.

How to Get Implant Retained Dentures in Sioux Falls SD

First, you need to schedule a diagnostic consultation with one of the dentists at Full Mouth Implant Smile. This appointment gives you the opportunity to ask all the questions you have about the procedure and for our dentist to determine whether you should proceed with the rest of the process. Our dentist will take X-rays, CT scans, and impressions of your teeth and gums to aid in treatment planning.

Placing the Implant Screws

Next, our dentist drills into your jawbone to place several small titanium posts. The posts support your new dentures and replace your lost roots and bones. You need to wait several months after the placement of the implant screws for the posts to bond with the existing bone in a process known as osseointegration. We provide you with temporary dentures that do not put too much pressure on your healing jaw.

When our dentist is certain that your jaw has healed, it is time to place healing collars and abutments that help to keep your new teeth sturdy. The final step is to place the dentures containing several consecutive teeth or an entire row of teeth on your jaw and secure it in place.

Are you ready to see the huge difference thatimplant-secured dentures in Sioux Falls, SD, can make in your life? Contact Full Mouth Implant Smile today to request a consultation.

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