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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Dental Implants

Your dentist probably thoroughly explained everything you need to know about your dental implants in Sioux Falls, SD. But have you ever wondered about the history and origin of dental implants? They have quite an interesting story to tell.

Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Dental Implants

Let’s talk about some of the most interesting facts out there about dental implants.

1. Ancient Origins

The origin of dental implants is rooted in ancient history. There is archaeological evidence that shows Ancient Egypt and Maya civilizations attempted tooth replacement using a variety of materials such as ivory, carved pebbles, stones, seashells, and other materials.

2. Extraordinary Bite Force

You might not know that dental implants offer a bite force that is about 80% to 90% of what your natural teeth offer.

3. Made of Space-Age Materials

Your dentist in Sioux Falls, SD, will tell you that dental implants are frequently made using aerospace-grade titanium alloys. This is proof that today’s dental implants are strong, durable, biocompatible, and cutting-edge.

4. Computer-Guided Precision Placement

Most dentists today use computer-aided manufacturing technologies called CAD/CAM to place your implants. This technology ensures the precise planning and placement of your implants which increases their overall success rate.

5. Maintains Jawbone Health

Unlike traditional dentures and bridges, dental implants play a crucial role in maintaining your jawbone health. This is because dental implants stimulate your jawbone, and this, in turn, helps prevent bone loss while preserving your facial structure.

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